Bootstrapping Startups - Do more with little

Chinedu Ozulumba
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If you’re set to launch a business but have limited financial resources, then this book is for you.

The book, Bootstrapping Startups shares my experiences as a budding entrepreneur... my experiences were a mix of a few constructive steps and some naive ones. All these experiences made me better today and you can learn from them without having to repeat the same mistakes.

I have recorded decent successes today, and I'll attribute them to the lessons I've learned along the way. Starting a business with limited financial resources is hard! This is where bootstrapping comes into play.

Bootstrapping a small business can be learned...YES, it can!

In this book you will learn how I did it, my successes, the mistakes I made so you should avoid, and how Fortune 500 companies we admire today bootstrapped their businesses till they became successful.

You'll get insight into how you can run a smaller version of your BIG IDEA instead of halting because of cash. I will show you how to set up a small team, choose a cofounder if you want and how to deploy available cash at the starting phase.

Trust me, this is one guide you'll ever need.

In these 10 chapters, you will:

  • Understand in simple terms the concept of bootstrapping.
  • How to evaluate yourself and your business ideas.
  • How to access the basics you need before you launch.
  • How to build savings for seed capital.
  • How to plan your first year.
  • Getting your first customer.
  • What to look out for in a co-founder and how to recruit a team.
  • Legal structures and business continuity.
  • How to leverage relationships.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Measuring and managing risk.
  • Accessing your performance.

These and more you will learn with:

  • Real-life examples of business leaders who applied these strategies.
  • My own story, mistakes, and successes.
  • Simple illustrations with case studies.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • Limited capital to get started will no longer be an excuse.
  • BIG Ideas can be pursued in phases while looking at the big picture.
  • You will know how to leverage your competitors so they don't perceive you as a threat and take you out early.
  • You will be able to do more with what you have.

Insights are communicated in simple English with no ambiguous words. The content of the book is formated in the New Times Roman font which makes it easy and enjoyable to read.

Take a look at an extract from the first chapter, it is free!

Bootstrapping Startups is distributed in PDF format, it was first published in 2017 and revised in April 2022.

Enjoy your purchase and please leave a nice review if you find it helpful.


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Bootstrapping Startups - Do more with little

2 ratings
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